We will give the client our best advice of the prices that this building would sell for from the comparables that have sold.


We will do our due diligence, and make sure you have all the information you need.


We have detailed leases that are drawn up by our attorneys that makes sure you are protected as a landlord or tenant.


Whitman Commercial LLC and Whitman Properties is in Business to List, Sell or Lease commercial and industrial properties, with an underlying specialty in some residential properties. Our goal is to solve problems for people.

Our Mission Statement is based upon Peter Whitman’s long standing commitment to the community and to his clients. That standard has been evident in the 45 years that we have been doing business . Much has changed over the years. Realtors have a vast array of tools and services available to them. The internet as well as a number of trade associations have given professionals access to an infinite amount of information. This information helps us competitively price your property, show you comparables so you are comfortable with your purchase of property and use data to identify prevailing lease rates in your market area.

Want to know what your property is worth? Looking to sell your property?